Group Family Camp July 2014

Family Camp was, once again, held at Hallowtree toward the end of July and several families joined their Beavers, Cubs and Scouts for an enjoyable weekend.

After the tents has been set up and the sun had set, the youngsters let off steam with a game of capture the flag. I have no idea which team won but they were all running around having a great time.

On Saturday there was a change to the usual program. Following the treasure hunt most families made their way to Cattawade where they could have a go at canoeing or kayaking.  Several games were played on the water including Head, Shoulders, Knees and Jump, and joining the kayaks into a line and taking turns to walk across the back or front! It looked like everyone enjoyed themselves although there were a few people who did end up in the river!

Families had also been tasked with building a ballista from broom handles, string and elastic during the weekend and this was put to the test on Sunday. Each team had to fire their bean bag as far as they could then move the ballista along and fire again until they reached the other side of the field. This was much harder for the scouts who had to build theirs from considerably larger and heavier poles but still had to transport the ballista to the other side of the field.

Also on Sunday a game of It’s a Knockout was held which involved soggy sponges, holey buckets and a large amount of water. The weather was very hot so the water did help to cool everyone down.

Unfortunately the planned custard pie fight had to be cancelled at the last minute as the heavens opened and the grass was just too slippery.