Group Family Camp July 2013


On Friday evening many beavers, cubs and scouts arrived with their families to set up their tents or caravans for the weekend and were also joined by a few explorers.

After everyone had settled in, and it was dark, it was time for a wide game of capture the flag which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Saturday morning, after flag break, saw the treasure/scavenger hunt take place where teams had to collect several items from around the camp site including a leaf shaped like a car and an insect named Bob! Later on some fantastic art work was produced in the craft tent and after lunch anyone who wanted, parents included, were able to have a go at archery and air rifle shooting.

When the water slide came out later there were long queues to have a go and it looked really good fun.

Unfortunately, the forecasted rain eventually caught up with us, although it was later than originally forecast, and the camp fire was very wet and soggy with several people leaving early before they were completely soaked or choosing not to venture out of their tents in the first place. And the usually popular Jip Strips had to be cancelled.

However, Sunday arrived bright and dry and after breakfast and flag break it was off to stack some crates and see how high you could climb before the whole lot toppled over.

After lunch it’s a knock out and tug of war rounded off the weekend and there was just time to hand out prizes before lowering the flag and heading home.